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Customer Services

A-Telecommunication is the perfect choice to be your customer relationship manager. We will ensure exceptional customer experience that meets customer expectation via every channel, every time and at every touch-point of the customer life cycle. As part of our multi-channel capability, we also offer email support to our clients. We focus on a prompt response and first response resolution to up the customer satisfaction level. A-Telecommunication brings you fresh leads with a high rate of conversion. Our highly responsive data ensures high quality qualified leads and excellent ROI.


At its core, audio transcription is the written account of any verbal communication. But it’s so much more than that when you start to use it correctly. Audio transcription transforms any video or audio file into an entire experience for your audience. Audio transcription & transcribing speech to text has a long and varied history. In years past, audio transcription would be defined as the written or notated record of a human’s voice. It included anything from public speeches to courtroom proceedings.
Most recently, though, the definition of audio transcription includes digital recordings, as well. Now, an audio transcription could cover a webinar, a movie or an interview done by your phone’s recording app. No matter how the definition evolves, however, it will always be the written version of an auditory experience. A-Telecommunication’s transcription professionals make it simple for you to add captions or re-purpose your content and share it with a global audience.


Live Chat Support

Here at A-Telecommunication you can have access to professional chat support agents that can help you grow your sales and qualified leads. We aspire to add value, facilitate and support our clients’ business as a strategic chat support provider. Our team of chat support agents is qualified and trained in different chat support software to deliver its services in a wide range of industries such as real estate, clothing, cosmetics and etc. Our strategy is different from others as we provide personalized chat support solutions to cater to your unique requirements.

Medical Billing

A-Telecommunication provides collection and recovery services to the organization of every size across the United States. We provide both first and third party recovery services. We deploy customized strategies for our clients' needs ranging from early-stage recovery to warehouse accounts, for clients from different industry verticals. We also process refund claims on behalf of our clients. Our agents process each claim with the utmost professionalism and efficiency resulting in an improved level of customer satisfaction.


Virtual Assistance

With A-Telecommunications `commitment to excellence, we have combined state of the art technology with reliable infrastructure and talents to provide our consumers around the globe with the most dependable services around the clock.

Order Management

At A-Telecommunication, we offer order fulfillment as part of our back-office service offerings. From receiving an order, processing it and tracking its journey through delivery, we do it all with utmost proficiency. The 24hr customer service support on email, call and chat makes the order fulfillment manageable in the most efficient and effective way.